Grower's Choice

F1 Hybrid Vijay

A very high yielding F1 hybrid. Produces uniform oval shaped very firm fruits with very attractive glossy purple black skin with green calyx of size 15 - 18 cms x 7 - 10 cms weighing about 450-525 gms.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Komal

Elongated long fruited hybrid.  Tall plant with medium spread produces medium long fruits of bright purple colour and usually green calyx of about 75 gms.  and good tolerance of fruit border.

F1 Hybrid

F1 Hybrid Radha

A prolific bearer, plants are tall with medium spread producing medium long fruits of light purple colour and green calyx occurring in 3-4 fruits in cluster, weighing about 55 gms.   The stems and leaf veins have purple pigmentations.  This hybrid performs well in high temperatures.

F1 Hybrid


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