Grower's Choice

F1 Hybrid Calypso

A most popular choice of gherkin picklers. Very productive and widely adaptable hybrid produces dark green colour, well shaped pickling cucumber. Calypso is gynaecious pickling and has extremely vigorous and productiove vine growth.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrdi Sneha

A very high yielding gynaecious pickling hybrid produces dark green, blocky fruits with LD ratio of 3.0-3.1. Early maturity and vigorous vine growth.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Shruti

A predominantly female pickling hybrid with very vigorous and highly productive vine fruits are dark green, cylindrical with LD ratio of 3.2 to 3.4.

F1 Hybrid
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An early maturity poinsett type predominantly female hybrid produces dark green long cylindrical fruits of 20 cms - 22 cms length and 18-19 dia with crisp flesh. Tolerance to CMV, PMR, DMR.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Champion

A highly productive slicing cusumber.  Cucumber Champion is predominantly female flowering produces dark green fruits of about 20cms in length. Tolerance to CMV, PMR, DMR.

F1 Hybrid


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