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Plants are vigorous, tall and erect.  An excellent yielder. Produces long, green, tender, fibreless fruits with 5 to 6 ridges. Picking starts 30 to 35 days after planting.

F1 Hybrid
Kumuda (501)
F1 Hybrid Kirti

Plants are tall and erect. A heavy yielder. Fruits are long, straight, tender, green and fibreless with 5-6 ridges. The first picking is available 30-32 days after planting. Tolerance to yellow vein mosaic virus.

F1 Hybrid
Arka Anamika

An excellent open pollinated okra produces lush green, shiny tender and spineless fruits.  First picking can begin 45-50 days after transplanting. Tolerance to yellow vein mosaic virus.

Arka Anamika
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