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A heavy yielder bearing 9 to 10 cm long green, thin slender highly pungent fruits. Plants are compact with dark green foliage.  First picking starts at 60 days after transplanting. The fruits are solitary downward with and average weight of 3.5 gms.

F1 Hybrid
Chilly Divya Jyoti
F1 Hybrid Red Flame

A very vigorous, high yielder with excellent fruit setting ability. This is an improvement over "Red Fire".  Fruits are highly pungent, long, slender and heavy.   Length 12-14 cms. and dia. 1.7-1.9 cms. weighing 10-12 gms.

F1 Hybrid
Red Flame
F1 Hybrid Shama

A large and vigorous plant with excellent growth and high yields produces long waxy light green thick fleshed fruits of length: 18cm ;dia:2.0cm ; weight: 23-25gms. Very ideal for fresh market, "Achar" & "Bhajia".

F1 Hybrid


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