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F1 Hybrid Suneeta

An early maturity vigorous hybrid with consistently higher yields produces long slender dark green fruits of length 45 cms, weighing about 150-200gms. Harvesting begins in about 45-50 days.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Neeta

Strong vigorous vine, first picking starts about 42-45 days. Fruits are long, dark green with deep ridges, weighing about 250-270gms, of length  30-35cms.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Angad

A very excellent high yielding gutka type hybrid uniform cylindrical light green fruit of length 30-45 cms. Good for long distance transportation. Crop comes to 50% flower around 45 to 50 days and harvesting begins 65-70 days after sowing.

F1 Hybrid

F1 Hybrid Suraiyya

An outstanding performer having fruits similar in shape to classical PSPL.50% Flowering around 45 to 50 days and harvesting can begin in 65-70 days after sowing. Very good shipping quality.

F1 Hybrid

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