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F1 Hybrid Vandana

An outstanding blocky hybrid with oblong striped fruit.  Flesh is sweet, deep red and fibreless. Fruit weight 12 kgs. and are very uniform in size over all the harvesting period. Very vigorous and highly productive plant. Tolerance to Fusarium and Anthracnose.

F1 Hybrid
F1 Hybrid Watermelon Emarald (075)

A blocky oblong hybrid light green rind with dark green stripes. Weighing about 9-15 Kgs. The flesh is crimson red, crispy, juicy. Matures in about 90 days from sowing,very good shipping quality.

F1 Hybrid Watermelon Emarald(075)
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It's a mid variety maturity is 36-38 days from flowering. The fruit is oblong in shape. The skin is dark green stripes with green background. The flesh is crisp juicy and high quality. Thickness of rind is about 1.0 cm. The fruit is about 9-10 kgs in weight, maximum can reach 18 kgs. Tolerance  to Fusarium, Anthracnose and also tolerant to dry and moist conditions.

F1 Hybrid Watermelon Sultan
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Early maturity Sugarbaby type hybrid. Fruits have green rind.  Very sweet crispy red flesh of delicious flavour, weigh about 8 to 9 kgs. and have got excellent keeping quality.  Good tolerance to Fusarium 0 & 1 and Anthracnose.

F1 Hybrid
Red Sweet
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An early maturity high yielding Charlesten Grey type produces oval light grey green fruits of 8-10 kgs. with tough rind and sweet well for shipping.  Plants have tolerance to Fusarium wilt and Anthracnose.


F1 Hybrid
Sweet Ruby
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An early maturing Hybrid produces oblong very dark green fruits of about 8-10 kgs the flesh in crispy red of delicious flavour, very good shipping quality and tolerance to diseases.

F1 Hybrid
Black Baby


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